French Vegetarian Recipes You Should Try Today

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Those with sweet tooth are definitely aware of the French croissants, pancakes, crepes, baguettes, éclairs and many of those delectable treats that are generally served as breakfast or desserts. There are also many foodies out there who were hardly acquainted with the fact that the above-mentioned food options were actually from French origin. By all means, it is food that matters, not the origin by when you are trying out cooking new recipes especially from a particular origin, there are few things to consider otherwise the dish would miss the actual magic of the cuisine.

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So, here are some of the popular vegetarian recipes that you can try out from French origin. From sweet and savory desserts to breads soups and more, there are lots to explore –

Sweet Crepes

For breakfast or as a dessert item, the crepes or thin pancakes can be made from all-purpose flour as main ingredient. 1 tablespoon sugar and a pinch of salt are to be added then and once the mixture is smooth, leave the batter for 15 minutes. In small skillet, melt butter with uniform coating and when it is hot drop around 1/4th cup batter in it for one crepe. After 2 minutes, flop it and again cook for a minute. Add strawberry, custard, whipped cream or other fillings. Sprinkle powdered sugar or maple syrup or chocolate sauce on it.

Tarte Tatin

Among the foods with French origin Tarte Tatin was accidentally baked and we are lucky it was! For this, get around 5-6 desert apples (or peach, pear and plum if apple is not your favorite) and let them caramelize in butter and sugar. For baking, use flour, sugar, baking powder and salt along with milk.

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

For this lunch or dinner meal, you need to keep the temperature 200-degree Celsius and let the oven preheated. Now heat butter in a casserole to coat it uniformly and add sliced potatoes at the bottom. Layer the russet potatoes with onion slices and top with more sliced potatoes –season properly with salt and pepper. Melt butter, flour and salt in mid-sized saucepan and once it is condensed, add cheddar cheese and stir properly. Once the cheese melts, coat the potatoes with it and cover with aluminum foil. Bake for 1.5 hours.


Among the southeastern French dishes Ratatouille is a versatile stewed vegetarian dish that can be used as meal, side with crepes and omelets and also for stuffing. First you add salt to cubed eggplants, add diced onions, chopped zucchinis, peppers and tomato and cook all the vegetables with minced garlic in batches. Over mid heat in Dutch oven, add one tablespoon olive oil, sauté the onions and peppers with salt. Then sauté zucchini with salt and mix them with sautéed onion and pepper. After removing moisture from eggplants, saute it in the same process before transferring them to other vegetables. Now sauté tomatoes, thyme and bay leaf, and once done, transfer them to the vegetables. In low heat, stir them; remove thymes and bay leaves once done.

Cheese and wine are among the most finely used ingredients in a French dish. Be it for a quick meal or a dinner item, make sure you have thorough knowledge of different French cheese and wines in order to experiment with them for a gastronomic delight.

Article by Arts Culinaires

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