6 Of The Most Irresistible French Desserts That Will Make You Fall In Love


We have made a little research among MYLFs and asked them what kind of French desserts they prefer when they are on quick break on set. Their answers were one big mess and we couldn’t pick the best one, or one that most of them picked. Instead of doing some kind of chart with placement we will just show you the top 6 of the cakes they enjoy the most.

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Here are six classic French dessert items, discussed in brief for you to imagine the mouth-watering taste that they bring to your mouth:

Tarte Tatin

This is a classic French dessert that you might have heard a lot about but remained in the dark about knowing what it is. It resembles a pan sized tart that combines the goodness of apples that are laid on the tart base and baked. There is a caramelised lemon sauce that is used on the tart to complete its delicious taste.

Cherry Clafoutis

This is another decadent tart based on fruits. If you feel guilty about loading calories by indulging in desserts, this will reduce your guilt as it includes ripe cherries and can be made a controlled calorie treat as well including the wholesomeness of custard with a baked crust on top.


This is a common yet essential form of French dessert that takes different delectable forms. The basic crepe is made of flour, eggs, milk and created as thin, light bases on which you can add different kinds of sweet sauces, cream and other toppings to form different kinds of dessert crepes. To make the basic crepes healthier nowadays buckwheat is also used to give it a different texture and taste.

Paris Brest

You might not have heard of this classic French dessert but that would not keep you from drooling all over it when you take a glimpse of what it is like. Indeed, this dessert recipe was invented back in the 19th century to celebrate the Tour de France annual cycling competition. This unique dessert essentially comprises of choux pastry cut in rounds, to resemble a bicycle wheel. It is layered with almond slices on top and filled with praline cream. The cream is essentially vanilla flavoured and whipped which is put in between two horizontal slices of the choux pastry. The top layered with almond slices is dusted with sugar.

Crème Brulee

This dessert probably needs no introduction. Similar to caramel pudding to a certain extent, it comprises of baking whipped mixture of sugar and egg yolks in which a cooked mixture of vanilla beans, cream and pulp is added. The mixture is set in small dessert bowls which are placed in an oven for baking. After the mixture is set with a wobbly middle, the dessert is then cooled and brown sugar added on top or torched to add a caramelised look to it.

Chocolate Eclairs

Last but not the least, this dessert item, that shows up in most dessert shops around the world, is originally a French dessert. The original recipe includes two long choux pastry layers in between which is chocolate cream filling and a chocolate glaze on top.

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