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This blog is devoted to everything about food whether it is gluten-free, plant-based, special-diet friendly or the delicacies being served in any corner of the world. This blog was started because I felt like sharing the incredible things that I learnt about food all through my life.

I have discovered the beauty that persists in crafting rich delicacies and how each one has a story of its own be it about origin or about the fame that it has managed to attain in all these years.


Classic French Desserts



Madeleine is one of the most memorable French treats one can ever have. This shell-shaped, light and small delicacy when baked nicely can be an absolute delight for dessert lovers.



Although this dessert is simple when it comes to taste, it can be complex when it comes to consumption.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee

The Catalans, the English and the French for long have claimed the creative rights for crafting the Creme Brulee recipe.



The macaroons trace their origin to the middle Ages. However, these became immensely popular during the 19th century through industriousness and creativity.

Creating different dishes is more of an art. A dish is not just crafted with mere ingredients. There is passion that is infused into the dishes and this is the reason why they do not remain confined to a particular region.

Here I am sharing the beauty of the art of food crafting with you. Get in touch if you are as enthusiastic as me when it comes to exploring delicacies being served and popularized all over the world.

The term food has always fascinated me. The aroma of ingredients, the rich taste, and the flavors have lured me for long. The topic of food keeps me engaged for hours apart from what I do.

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