Essentials Of French Cooking: Tips I Take Care Of And You Should Too!


Although French cooking may seem sophisticated, it is not rocket science that not many can master. The basic principle is all about creating a harmonious dish with each ingredient standing out for its flavor. French cuisine is all about layering the dish with flavors. Here are some essentials of French Cooking that I am offering to you which can help you craft the perfect dish you are planning to make.

Soup, stew or sauce cuisine

For heavy cuisine, dishes often begin with the combination of garlic, carrots, onions and diced celery. It is no longer a secret that French chefs make use of wine in their recipes every now and then. However, you need to remember that it is never sloshed into any dish. It is often added into a hot pan so that it can be reduced and a concentrated flavor can be employed for the purpose. The layers of flavor intensify when browned meats are added into any dish. The dish can then be finished with fresh herbs which add the final punch.



Mastering the basic techniques helps in whipping up perfect steak, bouillabaisse, and cassoulet. French techniques have been deemed universal because of the use of logic in crafting them. Sauteing, broiling, poaching, braising and roasting are used for a reason. If a beef stew is not braised then the cut of meat would remain tough.

For truly understanding the mentality of French dining, you need to look beyond the techniques and ingredients. The style of eating, the way meals are planned and the way people sit around the French table explains a lot. The typical meal is served in three courses: a simple starter, a main dish, and a fruit or a cheese for dessert.

Learn how to cook vegetables

Nicoise salad

Nicoise salad

While making a Nicoise salad you will learn how to cook vegetables in a different manner, how to present it and how to toss the salad. Roasting a chicken for use in French cuisine is more of an art. Although it may seem simple to make, making the chicken both crispy and tender is an art that you need to master while crafting French cuisine. It is recommended to roast the chicken in an oven for 4000F. You will know that the bird is cooked when the juice that runs out of it is translucent when you tilt it with fork. Make sure to keep it under the broiler until the skin is perfectly crispy.

French cuisine - known for its varieties

While making delicious classic onion soup, make sure to have enough patience while browning the onions. Caramelize them slowly and let them turn dark so that the flavor gets deep. Another interesting tip that must be followed by cooking enthusiasts is that the tart pan must be used instead of pie pan while making a dessert. Learn to make a single type of crust which will make your task pretty much easier which crafting French delicacies. It can be made easily in a food processor. This will as well help in crafting tarts of superlative quality.

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

French cuisine is much more than elaborate presentation and fancy plates. French cuisine is known for its varieties. Performing basic techniques along with layering flavors are more of an art which you will master while trying to craft delicious French delicacies.

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